Best 1000 watt generator: Power Pro vs All Power America

Do you want a small portable generator for those basic appliance needs? Whether you are going camping, tailgating or just need a small amount of power at a work site or at home, a 1000 watt portable generator will cover your basic requirements. Offering 1000 watts of power and highly portable, this class of generators are becoming increasingly popular. However which is best? To help you, we have put two models head to head in this review to find the best 1000 watt generator. 

All Power America 1000 watt generator
Power Pro 1000 watt generator
power pro 1000 watt generator

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Power Pro 1000 watt generator

The Power Pro 1000 watt generator is a very lightweight 36 pounds with dimensions 14 x 12 x 13.5 inches. Being so compact, it is highly portable and can be easily stowed away when traveling. You can take it anywhere. It provides 900 running watts and 1000 starting watts allowing you to power those small tools at a work site or those need to have appliances when camping or tailgating.

With both  120V AC and 12V DC outlets, you have the convenience of being able to attach your regular AC plug and/or a DC battery. It includes a volt meter, circuit reset button and a handy engine on and off switch.  There is no need to change oil as it uses a mix of oil and gasoline to fuel its engine. It has a one gallon tank and when used at half load will run for 5 hours.

With a spark arrestor allowing you to use the generator in any national park or forest, it produces a quiet 60 dB. This is approximately the sound level of a normal conversation. Fully CARB and EPA compliant, this 1000 watt generator comes with a 1 year warranty.  

All Power America 1000 watt generator

The All Power America 1000 watt generator is slightly less light weight that the Power Pro 1000 watt generator at 44 pounds. It measures 15 x 12 x 14 inches providing flexibility and convenience. At 800 running watts and 1000 starting watts, it is slightly less powerful than its competitor but will still power those smaller appliances that you might want to use. This generator is not CARB compliant and is not for sale in California.

Its 2 hp, 2 stroke engine uses a mix of gasoline and fuel which means you don't need to do oil changes. The tank has a 1.5 gallon capacity which will run the engine for 8.5 hours at 50% load. The panel provides two outlets: one 120V AC and one 12V DC giving you some appliance flexibility. This generator is louder than the Power Pro 1000 watt generator, measuring 68 dB in sound.

So which is the best 1000 watt generator?

​The Power Pro 1000 watt generator offers superior specifications to the All Power America generator. With 100 continuous watts of extra power, it will give you that little bit extra flexibility. It is also lighter and quieter. While an 8 dB difference might not seem like much, the dB scale is logarithmic meaning that the 8 dB equates to what you will perceive as almost double the volume. More information on this on our quietest generators page. Finally, the Power Pro 1000 watt generator is fully CARB and EPA compliant and also comes with a 1 year warranty. As always, we recommend that read the full product reviews on Amazon to get a greater level of understanding of which is the best 1000 watt generator for you.