Which Is The Best 5000 Watt Generator

Power outages are a sad fact of life and with usage of electrical power growing day by day, the demand on the grid is getting higher and higher. In such a situation, the system often gets overloaded, especially during times of extreme weather.  For domestic usage, a 5000 watt generator is the perfect fit. Here we analyse two leading models to determine which is the best 5000 watt generator: the All Power America and the Briggs & Stratton.

Briggs and Stratton 5000 Watt Generator Review

The Briggs and Stratton is a serious backup power unit powered by a 342cc air cooled motor, providing 5000 running and 6250 starting watts. It has a plentiful 5 gallon tank that will provide 10 hours of continuous performance at half load (50%). This powerful 5000 watt generator also packs in a power surge alternator that enables it to safely provide steady and reliable current and sustain the operation of multiple large appliances simultaneously without the motor cutting out.

This 5000 watt generator from Briggs and Stratton also features no flat pneumatic tires so that it can be easily transported from one place to the other and features four 120V outlets and one 120V / 240V 30 amp locking outlet. All the ports on this unit have integrated circuit breakers for safety and have rubber safety covers for protection against humidity or cold, especially useful if operating in bad weather.

This unit also has various safety features, such as automatic shut off in case of low fuel and features an integrated fuel gauge for easy administration and monitoring. The starter is a typical recoil type system and the low tone muffler ensures that noise levels never exceed prescribed limits.

Briggs and Stratton have a reputation for reliability and the customer reviews back this up. This generator provides durable power when you need it most, making it our top pick.

All PowerAmerica 5000 Watt Generator Review

The All Power America provides 5000 starting and 6000 running watts of power. The motor has a displacement of 291cc and is air cooled. It has a total of five outlets: a single 240V twist lock, one 120V twist lock, two standard 120V outlets and a 12V DC outlet. This is a very effective 5000 watts generator and will easily take care of a typical domestic load with certain cutbacks. You might need to shut off some appliances that draw heavy current over extended periods if you want the generator to be able to sustain the load for an extended period, but it is a fairly stable unit. Run individually though, this 5000 watt generator can power your refrigerator, air conditioning or electrical heating systems comfortably. Its 6.6 gallon tank allows it to run for 8 hours at 50% load. It has no flat pneumatic tires for easy transportation, portability and relocation and also has a typical recoil start mechanism for easy operation.

Reviews for this unit are quite positive and it is a good choice if you want to be prepared for the unexpected power outages. 

Briggs and Stratton vs All Power America: The Best 5000 Watt Generator

Our pick for the best 5000 watt generator is the Briggs and Stratton 30467. It is slightly more expensive, however you get what you pay for. Briggs and Stratton have a strong reputation for producing reliable and durable generators and this unit is no exception. It also has excellent fuel economy. With a larger engine and smaller tank, it still has superior fuel consumption than the All Power America generator. With a smart panel featuring all the fixings, the Briggs and Stratton provides outstanding value.