Best 6500 Watt Generator: Generac vs Westinghouse

Power outages can be a result of an overloaded grid that cannot cope with the unusually high demand or can be caused by adverse weather events. During storms and hurricanes, power outages are very common. As a result, it pays to be prepared for any eventuality with a gasoline powered generator. For most scenarios of domestic usage, a 6500 watt generator is more than enough to cope with anything. In this article, we analyse two models to determine which is the best 6500 watt generator: the Generac 5940 and the Westinghouse WH6500E.

The Generac 6500 Watt Generator

The 6500 watt generator from Generac is prepared to handle any domestic eventuality and then some, providing 6500 running and 8125 starting watts. Powered by a 389cc gasoline powered internal combustion engine, this unit features a 6.7 gallon fuel tank that is rated for 10 hours of continuous and sustained operation at 50% load. The fuel tank has an integrated fuel gauge, taking the guesswork out of estimating how long the generator can run during times of need.

​The system has an automatic shutdown feature that turns the engine off in the event that the oil level falls beyond its minimum and prevents damage to the engine. It also features no flat pneumatic tires that allow you to easily transport this powerful 6500 watt generator and makes it extremely portable. It provides you with 2 x 120V 20 amp AC duplex outlets and 1 x 120/240V 30 amp AC outlet. All its outlets are protected by integrated circuit breakers for safe operation of sensitive and expensive electrical equipment. The unit also has a built in timer that counts the number of hours the system has been in continuous operation. The unit features electric start for ease and convenience, but also has a conventional recoil starter as a backup. Overall, the Generac is a powerful and reliable 6500 watt generator that gets our full recommendation.

The Westinghouse 6500 Watt Generator

This 6500 watt generator from Westinghouse features a 420cc gasoline powered engine and offers sustained and reliable power output in the harshest of conditions. It provides 6500 running and 8000 starting watts of power. The generator features a 6.6 gallon tank and the super-efficient motor is rated to provide continuous operation for 13 hours at 50% load. This unit from Westinghouse also features a push button electric start for convenience but also keeps a traditional recoil type starter as a backup. On offer are four 120V outlets and one 120V / 240V twist outlet with integrated circuit breakers and enclosures for protection against the elements.

​The system is solidly built with cast iron components that give it structural strength while at the same time intrinsically reducing vibrations and noise due to the damping effect of its weight and heft. It has 10 inch solid no flat wheels that enable you to transport the generator easily without much effort. For a generator of this power output, the noise levels are reasonable, thanks to its advanced Pulse-Flo muffler.

​Westinghouse has been a byword for reliability and American innovation. The WH6500E adheres to that proud tradition and is an excellent and powerful product that will keep on working year after year. This is our pick for the best 6500 watt generator.

Generac vs Westinghouse: The Best 6500 Watt Generator

The Westinghouse WH6500E is our pick for the best 6500 watt generator. With excellent construction quality, durability and reliable use, this generator provides outstanding value in the 6500 watt class. With superior fuel consumption, and a negligible price difference, this is the generator for you.