Best Inverter Generator For Camping

If you are looking for the best inverter generator for camping, you’ve found it with the Generac 5791. Producing 800 running watts, you will be able to power all your basic camping appliances. This inverter generator is so lightweight that you can easily carry it along, in fact it is at least 40% lighter than other standard 800 watt generators. It is equipped with groundbreaking inverter technology and ensures clean and stable power supply. You can easily power your computers or any other sensitive electronic devices without any problem. The Generac 5791 inverter generator runs on standard gasoline and comes with FlexPower system that saves fuel and offers quieter operation. This little beauty comes at a great price too!

Do you want the quietest generator?

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Best Inverter Generator For The Money

Generac Power Systems has made its mark in the backup power generator products industry. This US based company is known for manufacturing high quality and reliable domestic, light commercial and industrial use products. The latest iX series inverters from Generac are excellent in solving your power generation related issues while you are travelling, camping, tailgating or on a recreational trip, and this 800 watt model is a great choice for your next camping trip.

The Generac 5791 gas powered portable inverter is very lightweight and compact. It is around 40% lighter than standard 800 watt inverters and thus, it is easy to carry it with you on your outdoor trips. The product has been specifically designed for travellers after keeping in mind their needs and requirements. The iX800 inverter is a sturdy unit that is equipped with electronic circuit breakers to offer protection from overloads.

There are so many exclusive features that make iX800 inverter a must have product. The FlexPower technology reduces fuel consumption as well as noise. The iX800 supplies clean and stable power without any interruption. So you can power even sensitive electronics without any worries. The engine is protected from damage through the low oil shutdown feature. The inverter produces 850 starting watts and 800 running watts. The LED indicator lights indicate system’s status while the built-in handle ensures that the unit is easy to carry. Essentially this unit will meet all your needs and offers superior value.

The most extraordinary feature of Generac’s iX series inverters is that the power produced by the inverter passes through an especially designed electronic microprocessor. This system improves the quality of the generated raw power and protects sensitive devices like computers while powering them. Generac 5791 iX800 basically uses a different type of alternator to produce AC power and converts the raw power by a digital inverter module. This makes the unit different and more reliable than other standard generators. Due to Generac’s innovative inverter technology, the unit performs smoothly without creating a lot of noise or consuming excessive fuel.

​You may run the engine on different speeds; at all levels this unit provides clean and consistent output power with at least 3% less harmonic distortion. So, now when you go camping, powering sensitive devices like a laptop becomes much convenient and risk-free.

Best Inverter Generator For Camping: Final Word

​Generac 5791 portable gas powered inverter is not just suitable for outdoor use but is equally useful indoors. This would be a welcome addition to your household while dealing with an uncalled for power outage. The Generac iX800 is a flexible unit and can provide backup power to all kinds of electronic devices. It is most certainly a better option than the regular, heavier and noisy generators and is our pick for the best inverter generator for camping.

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