Best Small Generator For Camping

Gone are the days when camping strictly meant reconnecting with Mother Nature. Camping nowadays can involve a lot of gadgets: cell phones, tablets, laptops, microwave cookers, small refrigerators, and of course, lighting, among others. This means you need to carry portable power that is reliable and safe to power such devices.

best small generator for camping

The best generator for camping is small, portable, quiet, and reliable. Can you find a generator that ticks all these boxes?

You definitely can.

The criteria for selecting the best small generator for camping go something like this:






​A generator that runs quiet gives you absolute peace of mind as you connect with nature. You don’t want something that’s going to be disruptive to other campers. A quiet generator allows you to a have normal conversation without raising your voice. 

Additionally some campground regulations restrict noise levels from engines and other motorized objects. A quiet generator ensures that you’re playing by the rules during your camping trip.




​A typical campsite setting requires moving things from place to place. This shouldn’t be an issue if your power source is lightweight and portable enough. Usually this means a unit must be small enough to be carried by one person. In addition, portability should include a wheel kit where necessary to minimize the lifting.



​If you’re going for a group camping trip, your power needs may increase. In this case having a scalable generator makes a big difference. Scalable means you can boost a generator’s output by connecting a compatible generator in parallel.




​While the power needs at a typical campsite are relatively small and needed for short periods, having a reliable generator is a must. You want a generator that guarantees a steady output for at least 4 hours. This time is usually enough to get most of your electronics charged. It’s also sufficient to make meals to last you the entire day.

In the rest of this post, we’re going to review the 5 best small generators for camping.

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