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All Power Generators

All Power generators are a product of All Power America, a company that designs and builds power tools such as compressors, engines, lawn mowers, pressure washers, and snow blowers, among others. The company’s generator lineup only features portable units. As of this description, the company does not make standby and stationary generators.

If you are considering purchasing an All Power generator, there’s a comprehensive range of options that is sure to meet your needs. The options range from the 1000-watt 2 stroke APG3004D unit to the propane-powered 10,000-watt APG3590CN model and many others in-between.

Generators built for mobility

Like I’ve mentioned earlier, All Power America specializes in portable generators. From the onset, it seems like the company had a clear understanding of their potential customer – campers, RV enthusiasts, outdoorsman, and crafty DIY people.

The bigger models come equipped with never-flat wheels so that you can drag it from place to place with ease. The smaller models

Big value at low cost

With All Power generators, you get great value for less. The APGG series comprises generators with output between 3000 and 10000 watts, which is the most popular range for household standby units as well as for recreational use.

The APGG range comprises workhorse models that guarantee reliable power when you need it. They’re equipped with basic safety features that protect the user as well as the engine from potential damage.

However, All Power generators are some of the loudest out there. Even with a muffler, they’re still too loud to be accepted in certain places. For instance, the APGG6000 is rated at 76dBA, which is loud enough to make it harder to communicate with someone.

With this kind of noise, most All Power models would be best suited to job site applications where noise level is not a big deal.

With all that said, All Power generators have their place in the generator market. Low cost hunters looking for a job site workhorse will particularly love the hard working APGG models.