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Dual Fuel Generators

No doubt it’s wise to keep a backup generator in case of a power outage, unless you’re out of fuel to run the generator. In that case it makes sense to have a dual fuel generator.

When looking to purchase a new portable generator, the number of fuel types that the engine uses is going to be a big influence on your buying decision.

Dual fuel generators sit in the middle between the old type gasoline generators that run on a single fuel and the relatively new multi fuel generators.

Dual fuel generators use two types of fuel – typically gasoline and liquefied petroleum (LP or propane). Some models use gasoline and natural gas but these are less common.

The biggest advantage of dual fuel generators is their versatility. If one fuel type is limited or unavailable during an emergency you can still run your generator on the alternative fuel type.

This is especially so if you regularly move the generator between different sites. Scarcity of one fuel type in an area shouldn’t limit you as you can switch to the available type.

Who should buy a dual fuel generator?

If you work in the field – logger, farmer, or contractor – you definitely must choose a dual fuel generator. Chances are you’ll be using off-grid power most of the time and a dual fuel generator is the most reliable choice in those circumstances

That said, anyone looking to minimize fuel costs should opt for a dual fuel generator.

Other advantages of dual fuel generators

  • Their engines rarely get clogged since they use carburetors, thus switching between fuel types is a breeze. Over time, dual engine engines are cheaper to maintain.
  • You can increase the run times of your generator by switching to the more efficient fuel. For instance propane typically gives longer run times and runs cleaner than conventional gasoline.
  • Quieter noise levels when using propane.
  • Smaller sized dual generators tend to be low cost.

Downsides of dual fuel generators

  • You need extra storage space for the LP cylinder. Same applies when transporting the generator between sites.
  • Propane can be expensive – it’s typically pricier than conventional gasoline.
  • The larger types – 100000W and above – are much more expensive than similar sized single fuel engines.

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