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Duromax Generators

Duromax generators are produced by California based power tools and engine company Duro Power. One of the strongest features about Duromax  is that their engines are all made in-house, unlike other major brands. In other words, Duro Power owns all the technology on Duromax generators.

On a purely technical level, Duromax generators hardly fail. Many of the reported failures are tied to improper use, poor maintenance, or failure to follow manufacturer’s usage guidelines.

So for the lowest maintenance costs, Duromax generators are hard to beat. With proper care, you’ll seldom need to replace parts.

It’s also good to know that Duro Power specializes in portable units, as opposed to stationary generators. The company boasts an impressive lineup of portable models that fit a wide range of applications.

What makes Duromax generators standout?

I’ve already noted that all the technology on Duromax generators is 100% owned by Duro Power, which brings a slew of advantages particularly at the technical level of things.

However, Duromax generators also stand out for other key aspects including the following:

  • All Duromax models come with a heavy duty steel frame that protects the engine and other delicate parts.
  • All models conform to ETL and MTL standards.
  • A select few models are fully CARB compliant and have EPA certification.
  • All units feature a super functional and user friendly control panel for easy operation of the generator.
  • Some units come with wheels for easy maneuverability.

When to choose a Duromax generator?

As with most other generator brands, Duromax generators are built for specific uses. You’ll find a Duromax generator for every use case you can imagine. Whether it is for RV needs or household backup, there’s a perfect Duromax generator for you.

For most buyers, it all boils down to price. If you want affordable and reliable power with manageable maintenance, you should seriously consider a Duromax generator.

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