DuroMax XP4850EH Review


If you are looking for a generator which offers the convenience of gas but also has the option of using propane as fuel, the DuroMax XP4850EH should be at the top of your list. It is powerful enough to run your electrical devices wherever you are, but also compact and easy to move around.

The DuroMax is ideal for any RV user who wants to be able to cook a delicious meal on a hot place or an electric stove, or homeowners who wants to avoid interruptions and continue home activities even when the electric supply fails. Keep reading our review and check out the wide range of features this generator offers.

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Strong and Powerful

The first thing we noticed when unpacking this multi fuel generator was its excellent craftsmanship. The Cast-Ironed sleeved engine is rated at 7 hp and can handle high wattage loads. It is a 4-stroke OHV with a single cylinder, cooled by forced air, and has a displacement of 210 cc.

Using an air cooling system has many advantages: the engine does not need a radiator or antifreeze, which makes it more compact and reduces costs. Since there are fewer parts needed, overall weight is also reduced, and less maintenance is required.

The generator is equipped with a super quiet muffler; engine noise level is reduced and is rated at < 69dB. If you are environmentally conscious, you might be interested in knowing that this engine meets both EPA and CARB Small Off Road Equipment emission standards.

Heavy duty steel frames with 1-inch steel tubing protect the machine, while four point fully isolated motor mounts minimize vibrations, which translates into a smoother and quieter operation.

A 12-volt non-spillable battery is included which powers the starter motor. If the battery becomes discharged and it is not able to start the engine, a handy pulling recoil mechanism is also included.

What is in the Dual Fuel Portable Generator Box?

  • DuroMax XP4850EH Electric Start Generator
  • A set of tools, which consists of a screw driver, a spanner, and a spark plug wrench
  • Wheel kit
  • Stow away handles
  • Operating manual

Why a Dual Fuel Generator?

Most generators are powered by gas, and the DuroMax XP4850EH has a tank which a capacity of 3.96 US Gallons; it is recommended to use unleaded gas with an octane rating of 87 or higher. The built-in EZ-read fuel gauge on the top of the gas tank lets you check with a quick glance how much gasoline is available in the reservoir, and starting the generator is as easy as turning the fuel valve lever to the ON position and turning the engine switch to the START position.

However, gasoline can be a problem if you do not use the generator frequently. As the engine sits without being powered on, the gas will start to break down, making it difficult to turn on the motor later on. That’s why having an extra source of energy is always a good idea.

This dual fuel portable generator can also use liquid propane, which is a significant advantage. Propane has a longer shelf life and all you need to do is connect the propane gas hose to the regulator/decompression valve and the unit is ready to be used. On the downside, starting a generator that uses LPG on a cold winter day can be difficult. That’s the beauty of this model, having both options available will provide secure and reliable usage all year long.

You also need to remember that the unit can only operate on Liquid Propane Gas; it is not designed to be hooked up to a natural gas line.

Model Number
Engine Oil Capacity
15L (3.96 US Gallons)

Oil Specs

Oil must be added before first using the generator, since it is shipped with none in the crankcase, and an SAE 10W-30 viscosity is recommended. Just as a car, running the generator’s engine with low oil can result in extreme damage. If there is not enough oil in the system, it will not be able to cool down as it should. This will make it lose its viscosity, turning into a semi-liquid and it will not be able to reduce friction in the moving parts. As a safety feature, the generator includes an automatic shut off which will protect it from any damage caused by low oil levels.

Model Number
Engine Oil Capacity
20 fluid oz.                   

Connecting electrical devices to the DuroMax XP4850EH

There are two 120V-only, 60HZ, single phase receptacles, and one 120/240v, 60HZ, single phase AC twist-lock outlet available on the generator, and selecting between both outputs is done with the help of a Voltage Selector Switch. 50HZ or 3-phase loads should not be used with this generator.

Additionally, a DC receptacle is also available to recharge 12 Volt automobile-type batteries. As the battery is being charged, an indicator will light up on the generator. Once the battery is full, the light will turn off, letting you know that the battery is now ready to be used.

One of the most important aspects to consider when selecting an electric generator is the wattage they can handle. As you might know, the rated wattage is the maximum wattage the generator is able to output continuously. The surge wattage is the maximum wattage it can provide for a short period, and is needed to send short burst of extra power to devices that require it, such as refrigerators, microwaves, or box fans.

You should always check each device’s wattage requirements and calculate the total amount of power you will be demanding from the generator, making sure you stay under the maximum rated wattage. However, as a safety feature, the generator’s electrical panel is fitted with a circuit breaker to prevent overloads.

The generator also has an automatic voltage regulator (AVR) which will prevent any fluctuation of voltage as the load varies. A volt meter is placed on the front electrical panel so you can monitor the output range at all times.

Rated (Running) Wattage Surge Wattage                      
3850 Watts 4850 Watts      

Since an average window air conditioner requires 1,200 watts to operate, a box fan uses 300W, and a TV needs 500W, this dual fuel portable generator is powerful enough to handle most needs and make your next outdoors adventure a much more enjoyable one.

On a 50% electrical load, you can expect a full tank of gasoline to provide an average of 8 to 10 hours of continuous operation. If you are using propane, a 20lb bottle can power the generator for about 14 hours.

Maintaining the generator

Proper maintenance will make your generator last longer and work more efficiently, so it is important to select one that is easy to maintain and does not require lots of tools and complicated procedures to do so.

This dual fuel generator is designed to make most maintenance tasks easy for everyone, no matter how limited your knowledge about motors is. Oil can be checked just as it is done on a car, with a dipstick that shows the level. The oil can be changed with the help of a 10mm hex wrench to remove the drain plug.

It is important to keep the air cleaner free of excessive dirt so it can provide proper airflow to the carburetor. This generator uses a sponge-like filter which can be washed with dish detergent and warm water.

For inspecting the spark plug, the included spark plug wrench is used to unscrew it. The generator uses an F6RTC spark plug.

The instruction manual also includes a maintenance schedule for this generator. We would suggest adding an hour meter to the machine so you can log the hours of operation and make it easier to determine the proper maintenance intervals. Some owners have recommended the Docooler Inductive Hour Meter, which is affordable, easy to set up, and works perfectly with the DuroMax XP4850EH.

Easy to transport

Some generators are designed to be located on a fixed spot. Moving them from one place to another is not that easy since a generator similar to the DuroMax can easily weigh over 130 pounds. But you don’t need to worry about that with this machine since it includes a wheel kit with solid polymer tires that can easily be attached or removed as you need. A set of foldable handles makes lifting up the generator possible with minimal effort.

Is this dual fuel inverter generator good value?

Although we found the DuroMax XP4850EH to be a real beast, ready to power up almost any electrical device you have, the lack of a remote starting capability is something we miss. But the easy-start key mechanism, backed by a pull/recoil, should be more than enough to satisfy almost any user.

However, the many features it does include plus the reputable brand and make it one of the best in its category and represents great value for money.

Specs Summary

Item Weight 130 pounds
Dimensions 24 x 19 x 19 inches
Rated Wattage 3850 Watts
Surge Wattage 4850 Watts
Fuel tank 3.96 Gallons
Engine 7HP 210 cc
Start type Electric and recoil
120V receptacles 2
240V receptacles 1
12V outputs 1

Pros and Cons

No generator is perfect, and each one will have its own set of pros and cons you need to keep in mind to be sure it will satisfy your needs. But unless you have extremely high electrical requirements, the DuroMax is an excellent option.


· Duel fuel gas/propane

· Wheels to transport

· Almost 4,000 Watts

· Sturdy and well-built

· Many built-in safety features

· Easy to start


· No remote starting

· Can’t be used with natural gas

· Can’t be used with 3-phase loads

Final Thoughts

This dual fuel generator shares many features with similar models, such as the Predator 4000. However, you receive many extra perks other do not have. First of all, being able to switch from gasoline to propane by flicking a switch gives you a huge advantage. Also, with the Predator you will have to buy an additional set of wheels to transport it, but these are included with the DuroMax.

With its massive wattage output, its security features, and easy maintenance, this is a generator you can expect to provide reliable and long-lasting power for your cabin or house. It is backed by a 30-day replacement warranty and a full one-year parts warranty.

Compact and movable, it is also ideal for RVs and camping trips. Nowadays, being away from civilization doesn’t mean you need to illuminate your area with a lantern or light up a fire to cook. Just start your DuroMax XP4850EH, turn on the lights and stove, and you will feel as if you were at home.