Generac Propane Generator Review

The Generac propane generator offers 5500 running watts of power off liquid propane. The use of propane as fuel has many benefits over gasoline including reliability, accessibility during a major power outage and the fact that its non-toxic.  Highly portable given its conveniently designed handle and 10 inch tires which never got flat, you have the flexibility to use this Generac propane generator where you need it. With a panel featuring everything you need, your appliance needs are met. Overall, this is a very respectable generator.

The use of liquid propane over gasoline has many benefits. Unlike gasoline which deteriorates quickly, propane does not degrade with time. This allows you to store LP tanks for years at a time and be able to use them reliably when needed.  Liquid propane is a much cleaner fuel than gasoline being virtually non-toxic. You also do not have to worry about spilling during refueling. Probably the biggest advantage of LP over gasoline  is the ability to get it when you need it most: during a power outage. Gasoline pumps require electricity to operate making gasoline very difficult to source during an extended power outage. Propane can be purchased any time and can even be delivered to your home.

The Generac propane generator is highly portable giving you the flexibility to use it anywhere. While it weighs 184 pounds, its dolly style handle and 10 inch never-go-flat wheels make it very maneuverable.  It measures 35.5 x 26.3 x 36.5 inches. You can fit either a 20 or 30 pound LP tank in the cradle.

This Generac propane generator provides 5500 running and 6875 starting watts. This amount of power will comfortably power the important appliances at home during a power outage, or the tools you need at a work site. Given its portability, you can also easily take it RVing. Featuring a panel with 1 x 120/240V 30 amp AC outlet with a 25 amp circuit breaker and 2 x 120V 20 amp AC duplex outlets with 20 amp circuit breakers, your appliance needs will be comfortably met. A nice feature is the protection that these outlets have. They are well covered giving you the freedom to take the generator into any environment. It has a hour meter which will make it easy to schedule your maintenance, and has automatic low oil shutdown ensuring the engine in protected.

The Generac propane generator uses a pulling recoil start and will run for 4.75 hours at 50% load with a 20 pound tank, and 7 hours at 50% load with a 30 pound tank.

This generator has received mostly very positive reviews, although there are some negatives mixed in. The general consensus is that overall its a great generator. The use of propane is clearly advantageous, especially during a major power outage. However the use of propane also has the drawback that it can be hard to start in cold temperatures. Some reviewers found the pulling recoil start quite difficult. 

Generac Propane Generator Review: The Final Word

Overall the Generac propane generator is a solid unit. With all the advantages of propane, it is difficult to look past as a portable generator option. However if you live in a cold climate it may be unreliable. Featuring everything you need in a portable generator and lots of power at 5500 running watts, this Generac propane generator gives you the flexibility to use it where you like thanks to its excellent maneuverability.