WEN 56200i Super Quiet Portable Generator Review

WEN 56200i super quiet 2000 watt portable generator has a weight of 48 pounds and a quiet operating level of 51 decibels (dB), making it a fantastic choice. It offers 2,000 watts  and features a one-gallon tank that up to six hours of power at a 50 percent load run time. Two three-pronged 120V inputs, one 12V DC input, and one 5V USB port offer more than enough spectacular features to keep your appliances and portable electronics charged. 

The consumers loved the generator’s eco-mode for its efficient use of gas and low noise level. It also offers both low oil and low fuel automatic shutdown to protect the generator and your devices from damage. 

If you need more energy to power your house link up two WEN 56421 generators. The Parallel Connection Kit which is sold separately will help in sharing the wattage amongst multiple units. 

Magical features like low-oil, low-fuel automatic shutdown, overload protection are responsible to safeguard your generator and your electronic devices. Interestingly, this generator is backed by a 2-year warranty.

There’s no perfect generator, so WEN 56200i generator is not an exception either as it has a fairly small fuel tank and does not have wheels and an adjustable handle.

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It is an inverter generator which means that it produces low harmonic distortions, making it safe for connecting sensitive electronic devices like mobile phones, laptops and cameras. The power output is so steady that the generator is fitted with USB ports for direct charging of personal electronics. The lightweight design of WEN 56200i makes it portable while the ultra-efficient one-gallon tank provides over 6 hours of half-load run time. The Eco-Mode Throttle allows the generator’s motor to automatically adjust its fuel consumption for preventing the consumption of unnecessary gasoline.


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Smooth Power Output

The WEN 56200i portable inverter generator gives a very smooth and clean energy that is  free of voltage spikes and drops. So, you are free from the stress of plugging and unplugging the gadestes again and again. 

Whisper-Quiet Generator

The 79.7 cc 4-stroke OHV engine of this WEN generator operates at an extremely quiet 51 decibels at quarter load, quieter than an average conversation. This also limits its invasiveness while hunting or camping.

WEN 56200i Quitet Portable Generator Price

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Specs and Features

  • Running Watts: 1600 Watts
  • Surge Wattage: 2000 Watts
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
  • Tank Capacity: 1 Gallon
  • Run Time: 12 hours
  • Weight: 48 lbs
  • Noise Level: 51
  • Engine Displacement: 79.7 cc
  • Low Oil Shut Down: YES 
  • Warranty: two-years


  • Easy setup
  • Lightweight
  • Parallel Connection Ports 
  • Overload Protection 
  • Eco-Mode 
  • Pull Cord 
  • One 5V USB Port 
  • Low-Oil Shutdown 
  • Two-Year Warranty
  • A very quiet generator


  • Fairly small tank
  • Does not have wheels and adjustable handle
  • According to users refueling the generator is very difficult

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No doubt, WEN 56200i is an affordable option for a small portable inverter generator. It is lightweight, has decent power with a considerable run time and is parallel capable.

It is a quiet model so you do not have to worry about bothering your neighbours.

Consumers of this unit did not like the spillage while refueling the fuel tank. Indeed, the WEN 56200i is purposely manufactured for recreational purposes. Therefore, it functions well and checks all the requirements. If you like to go camping or fishing then this is a good option.

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