Who Makes the Best Portable Generators? Top 4 Generator Brands

Portable generators are useful for camping and outdoor activities like RV or campers. They are mainly operated outside the house as they emit carbon emissions. The updated models of portable generators are available with a carbon shutoff feature.

There are a lot of reasons for choosing portable generators. Mainly, they are available in multiple shapes and sizes, and you first need to decide which style you want. The style of the generator is determined by the generator’s application. Another major reason for using portable generators is for RVs, camping, and tailgating, or as a recreational generator. However, it can also be used for home backup as an emergency generator.

The article has come up with The Best Portable Generator Brands that are most eminent in the market and known for their premium, flawless features. The brands mainly include Westinghouse, WEN, Honda and Duromax. Each of the brands has established its name over the years of experience. Among them, Honda is the leading one and above all WEN has no comparison when it comes to the most powerful applications.

Best Portable Generator and the Brand Behind It

Westinghouse WGen7500 is the best portable generator without any doubt. It has almost a thousand reviews on Amazon with a 75% 5-star rating. It makes one of the superstar generators in the market. 

Westinghouse brand survived and thrived in a highly competitive environment for over 150 years. The brand is user-friendly, reliable and definitely durable. They are affordable just like any of the top leading brands but have a matchless and incomparable reputation. 

The brand is not always after innovation but it is a safe bet for sure. ​The dedicated brand sells portable generators that deliver progressively more power and better technology. It designs the generators keeping ergonomics in mind and that makes it outstanding than the rest. ​The R&D engines are manufactured in North America. It offers reliable customer service and hardy there are complaints from the customers. 

Westinghouse iGen4500 is a noise-free solution to your power needs in emergency situations as well as outdoor activities. It runs on gas and offers efficient fuel consumption with extended running duration up to 16 hours on a quarter load and up to 12 hours on half load with 3.5 gallons of fuel. It is able to generate 4500 peak watts and 3700 running watts, which is a considerable amount to meet all kinds of power requirements.

Westinghouse WGen9500 is a powerful conventional generator that made for heavy-duty use and is loud but quite fuel-efficient. The unit can tirelessly run up to 12 hours at a 50% load. On top of that, this generator provides an impressive amount of power. It’s capable of producing 12,500 watts of surge power. The 9,500 watts of continuous power makes it more heavy-duty than the most top generators in the market.

Other Reliable Portable Generator Brands

The market is loaded with many other generator brands that offer sustainable, durable and versatile generators. The most eminent of them are WEN, Honda, and Duromax. These brands are super flawless and above all are accepted globally.

1. The Team Behind The Quietest Portable Generator: WEN

When fuel-efficiency is all you are looking for then don’t give a second thought and right away opt for WEN generators. WEN has tremendously uproared the world of generators.

The wildest, quietest and powerful one among WEN generators is WEN 56200i that has come up with the inverter technology. The consumers loved the generator’s eco-mode for its efficient use of gas and low noise level. It also offers both low oil and low fuel automatic shutdown to protect the generator and your devices from damage.

2. The Brand That Almost Everyone is Aware of: Honda

Honda is like the most irresistible generators either you look for autos, power equipment, engines, bikes, and marine products. The brand has hit the generator market and nailed it to the rock bottom. The most eminent of the generators in the Honda series is Honda EU2200i.

Not only might you consider it as one of the quietest portable generators on the market, but this inverter generator also saves a lot of fuel. The powerful Honda GX100 engine which has a 0.95-gallon fuel tank capacity is capable of supplying power for nothing less than 8 hours in case the tank is filled up. This supplies you with power for a long period of time-saving you a great deal of money.

Best Heavy-Duty Generator Brand: Duromax

For beginners, Duromax is a perfect choice. The brand offers a flexible warranty plan and direct shipping of its component part. Their generators never fail from the technical side. In short, DuroMax is longlasting with a considerable return on investment.

Duromax XP12000EH is the new hype in the market. It is an incredibly powerful generator that can run on both gasoline and propane. It even offers you a longer period for reliable service up to 2–3 years. Unlike other standard gas-powered generators, this machine is versatile and can support you in any situation. XP12000EH has low noise levels so that you can use it comfortably in public locations.

Wrapping Up

Each brand we mentioned above is seriously shortlisted from an array of generators. The chosen brands are reliable and tested by millions of people around the world. You can opt for one of them and enjoy your portable generator wherever you want.

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