Champion 4000 Watt Generator Review

The Champion 4000 watt generator offers excellent value in the 4000 watt generator class. At an affordable price of under $600 it comes rich in features and benefits. At 4000 starting watts and 3500 running watts, this portable generator will meet most of your needs whether you use it at home during a power outage, at a work site or for leisure. Light weight and easy to move you will have absolute freedom with this Champion 4000 watt generator. It is CARB and EPA compliant so you can even use it in national parks and forests.

The generator has dimensions 28.5 x 21.1 x 20.7 inches and weighs 140 pounds. This may seem heavy, but thanks to its handles and wheels it can be easily moved around. With 4000 starting watts, you will be able to use the generator in many ways. If you want to use it at home during a power outage, it will comfortably power your sump pump, refrigerator, freezer, television and lights with some power to spare. Used at a work site, it will power multiple power tools with ease. If you want to take it RVing or use at a cabin, again it will meet your power needs. Before buying a generator, always consider how much power you actually need.

This Champion 4000 watt generator has a 3.8 gallon tank which will allow it to run for 12 hours at 50% load. While operating it will produce around 68 dB of sound, which is slightly more than the average conversation. The panel has four outlets: 2 x 120V AC (5-20R), 1 x 120V twist lock (L5-30R), and 1 x RV Receptacle (TT-30R). Note that in order to get the full 3500 watts, you will need to use either the RV or the twist lock receptacle. A final feature which we really like about this Champion 4000 watt generator, is its remote control start. It will start at the push of a button from up to 80 feet away. This just gives you so much extra value. Finally like all Champion generators, this unit comes with a two year warranty.

Champion 4000 Watt Generator: Final Word

This generator is great value for its price. Lots of power, easy to assemble, reasonable sound level, and a really convenient remote start. Its fuel consumption is very reasonable, providing reliable power when you need it most. Highly portable, you can use it wherever you want and won’t be left powerless next time the power grid fails. Finally, always take the time to read through the reviews on Amazon to ensure you make the most informed decision.

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